Save the World with Thrift Shopping

Do you live in a small apartment or boarding house? Check your room and look around. What do you see? Do you have a pile of clothes which rarely worn because they do not fit on you anymore? Do you also have a pair of shoes that you really loved but your shoe size is unbelievably changed in two years? Or maybe, you have a lovely yellow tote bag which looks pretty cute but your friends often bully you when you bring that bag for your daily activity?

Thrift shop (

You might be confused about where to put your not-so-often-used and old goods when your room is filled with those junky stuff. Well, if you feel that way, it is actually such a good thing.

Your junky goods can be such useful goods for others. For that reason, having junky old stuff means that you can start your own business. You can start opening an online thrift store on Instagram. You can post your pretty-yet-useless stuff one by one and let people choose their own styles. From there, you can lessen the number of your junky goods and get some money instead.

Another possibility, you can donate your stuff to a charity shop. The shop will sell your second-hand goods in order to raise money for people who are in need. The organization which in charge of the charity will create some projects by using the money they get from the thrift store. They will use the money wisely to boost community development also for helping those who need bits of our help.

Now, you have already made your room become neater than a month ago after selling your old goods. You have done two simple things to change your little room to become a better environment for yourself. Do you enjoy the current situation of your room?

You might enjoy the situation in your room. But right after scrolling your Instagram timeline, do you find a current trend bomber jacket in an online shop that catches your attention? Do you have an eagerness to buy that jacket? Try to think twice before you contact the seller. It might be your momentary wish. You want the stuff, but actually, you do not need it. Just imagine that your room is back to its old condition. It is stressed you out, isn’t it? Besides it makes you annoyed, it also can make the environment annoyed too.

The rapid change in the fashion industry makes the number of demands in the garments industry is also increasing. People tend to buy new clothes to follow the trends. That is actually not a good thing for our environment.

The fast-fashion produces detrimental effects on our environment. The large fashion companies produce their products every day which make the production of waste is also increasing. We increase our carbon footprints because there is a lot of energy goes into fashion production. It also makes water consumption becomes extremely high in order to grow cotton. Moreover, the number of chemical pollution also requires in the textile manufacturing process. The scariest thing, it increases the landfill waste.

By supporting this pace, it means you also in charge of harming our world. You cannot follow your ego only to look fancy in three or at least a year with your new clothes from the fancy stores. We can start to make our world become a better environment as same as your room only by supporting the use of second-hand stuff. Don’t worry, second-hand stuff will not look bad on you as long as you can mix and match them well!

Let’s make the most common slogan for the environment “reduce, reuse, and recycle” not only become an overheard slogan, but also as the actions that you practice in your daily life. By purchasing a gently used item, you can help the environment because of applying the second term, reuse.

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